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Progenesis and Neoteny are two processes (two different examples of heterochrony) by which this state can occur. Paedomorphy isn't the only possible result of Heterochrony Other phenotypic differences between closely related species also can be a result of differences in developmental timing. Recognising Heterochrony. Modern examples: Sexual Dimorphism. Cambrian trilobites. Cope's Rule.

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n Heterochrony (Biol) In evolution, a deviation from the typical sequence in the formation of organs or parts. Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia n heterochrony In biology, a displacement, with reference to their order of appearance in time, of members of a genetically connected series, as of animal forms or organs; a disarrangement of the true ontogenetic sequence. Se hela listan på encyclopedia.com The literature on human heterochrony provides particularly clear examples of how these differences produce apparent contradictions when applied to the same problem. Developmental biologists recently have extended the concept of heterochrony to the earliest stages of development and have applied it at the cellular and molecular scale. Heterochrony is of interest in part because it can produce novelties constrained along ancestral ontogenies, and hence result in parallelism between ontogeny and phylogeny. Heterotopy can produce new morphologies along trajectories different from those that generated the forms of ancestors.

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Since then, heterotopy has been studied less than its companion, heterochrony which results in more readily observable phenomena like neoteny . Ontogeny; isometric and allometric growth; heterochrony; paedomorphosis and peramorphosis In zebras, for example, the striped pattern is determined by a series of genes that "turn on" the production of a dark pigment (melanin) on only certain parts of the body. This can happen at any point in development, and differs between species. This is why different species of zebras have different types of striping.

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We provide evidence that transcriptional heterochrony affects the development of talpid autopods, an example of developmental penetrance. whole concept of heterochrony as an impor-tant factor in evolution with it, but also be-cause of the great proliferation of terms that have been introduced to describe various as-pects of heterochrony. For example, a small selection includes: peramorphosis, paedo-morphosis, paedogenesis, palingenesis, phyl-embryogenesis, proterogenesis, progenesis Heterochrony, as it is usually defined in evolutionary biology, is the change in the rate and timing of developmental events caused by evolution.
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Heterochrony example

heterochrony synonyms, heterochrony pronunciation, heterochrony translation, English dictionary definition of heterochrony. n.

mach arp bre dada dadaism dadaist dieffenbachia ernestine haeckel heterochrony. search help_outline  The choir can have a reinforcing effect in different ways, for example, it can be a Furthermore, the runway is characterised as a heterotopia / heterochrony, and  models and has applied them, for example, in chemical ecology of coral reef.
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